Il Grande Cammino

“Faith and Spirituality in the highlands of the Pollino National Park and the Upper Esaro Valley”

The project was born with the aim of inserting the “Routes of places of faith in the mountains” of Calabria in the context of national and international tourist and religious networks and itineraries (such as, for example, the ‘Rete dei Cammini’ or other cultural itineraries , capable of generating a structured tourist offer which, through actions of aggregation and territorial coordination, manages to attract important flows especially in the low season.The planning process aimed at enhancing and promoting the Cultural and Religious Tourism in Calabria, in the specific provides for the creation of an integrated network, open to all ‘suitable’ centres, which through the partnership between local authorities, formal organizations and operators in the sector, will make it possible to present the image of Calabria in the context of “Religious and Cultural Tourism ” in a coordinated and unified way. The program of activities defines the objectives for the realization of the itineraries of discovery and enhancement along the paths and the tourist-religious and spiritual itineraries and is based on the need to encourage the adhesion of the territories involved in a to offer, in the common interest, a proposal for a unitary path, without interruptions.