Il Grande Cammino

“Faith and Spirituality in the highlands of the Pollino National Park and the Upper Esaro Valley”

The project was born with the aim of inserting the “Routes of places of faith in the mountains” of Calabria in the context of national and international tourist and religious networks and itineraries (such as, for example, the ‘Rete dei Cammini’ or other cultural itineraries , capable of generating a structured tourist offer which, through actions of aggregation and territorial coordination, manages to attract important flows especially in the low season.The planning process aimed at enhancing and promoting the Cultural and Religious Tourism in Calabria, in the specific provides for the creation of an integrated network, open to all ‘suitable’ centres, which through the partnership between local authorities, formal organizations and operators in the sector, will make it possible to present the image of Calabria in the context of “Religious and Cultural Tourism ” in a coordinated and unified way. The program of activities defines the objectives for the realization of the itineraries of discovery and enhancement along the paths and the tourist-religious and spiritual itineraries and is based on the need to encourage the adhesion of the territories involved in a to offer, in the common interest, a proposal for a unitary path, without interruptions.

Drafting of the Matera – Trebisacce

Drafting of the Matera – Trebisacce Accord of Cooperation for an accessible and shared tourist and cultural experience.

The Polo is also the protagonist of a project financed by MIBACT through the public call for proposals for the selection of proposals also of an integrated nature on a territorial/local scale for the implementation of the “Magna Grecia” Programme. The tourist project is called: “Journey through history. Da Matera a Sibari e la Costa dei Tre Miti. Italo Ulisse e Federico “.

Expression of interest in any professional collaboration with the Polo Cassiodoro

The Cassiodoro Innovation Pole for Culture and Tourism, as part of the implementation of the Project approved by the Calabria Region relating to the support for the activities of animation, tutoring and accompaniment of companies belonging to the innovation poles and enhancement of infrastructures territorial areas of the innovation poles, has resolved to prepare a Short List of professionals who intend to express their interest in possible collaborations with the Polo.

We inform you that following the finding of material errors in the documents relating to the Expression of Interest already available, they have been corrected and replaced. Therefore the deadline is extended by 5 (five) days compared to 15 (fifteen) already foreseen and therefore applications must be submitted within the 20th (twentieth) day from the date of publication on this site.

Pubblicato il: 29 Giugno 2021

La Notte dei Ricercatori

La Notte dei Ricercatori

On 27 September 2019, the PIC was involved in the event: La Notte dei Ricercatori SuperScienceMe: ResEArCH in your REACH: Experiments, Events, Shows.

It was an initiative promoted by the European Commission that takes place every year, in over 300 cities, on the last Friday of September, with the aim of promoting the culture of scientific research and its integration with well-being and social development. The venue for the event was at the University of Calabria, Arcavacata di Rende (CS) from 09:00 to 19:00.



Bread is an element of conjunction and cultural, tourist and social mediation
able to unite peoples, communities, territories.


It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of a great Calabrian artist, Nik Spatari. “… One of the very rare cases in which an outsider pours the salt of architecture into the earth” …. as indicated by Bruno Zevi presenting Musaba, the Nik Spatari Foundation, which is a living museum park, placed inside the gardens and vegetable gardens of the monastery of Santa Barbara, in Mammola. Painter, sculptor, architect, a precocious talent, a self-taught man who left for Paris when he was just twenty years old to attend Le Corbusier’s studio, nourishing himself with frequentation and collaboration with twentieth-century greats artists, from Picasso to Jean Cocteau, from Max Ernst to Sartre. It was here that he met Hiske Mass, a Dutch artist, and with her he went to live in Milan, creating the Brera gallery and then, in 1969, rediscovering Calabria. For him it is a return, for her a discovery. Despite great difficulties and oppression, they choose to live in Santa Barbara in the heart of the Locride area, acquiring land and a monastic complex completely buried by brambles and oblivion, making it, over time, Musaba, the only Calabrian open-air museum which is also a laboratory of artistic experimentation and landscape protection. Nik focuses his projects on the evolution of Mediterranean history in the most significant visual-scientific expression: the arts, architecture, the environment, the human sciences in all its anthropological, formal, social, eclectic material aspects, thinking always to a system that must be enjoyed by all. It is he who takes care of the creative phase of the museum-laboratory with drawings and designs, while his wife promotes and coordinates the construction phases. Musaba therefore becomes a combination of architecture, sculpture, visual works of art, Mediterranean gardens, an archaeological-landscape park, but above all, at his behest, a research and training laboratory open to young people from all over the world. Here is one of his most important three-dimensional murals “Jacob’s Dream” of 260 m2 which frescoes the apse and the vault of the church of Santa Barbara known as the Sistine Chapel of the Mediterranean as well as an area used as an exhibition space where they are collected a collection of his works as evidence of his artistic evolution from 1943-2010, and works by authors such as Giacometti, Bonalumi, Scanavino, Schifani, Tadini and many others.


Dedalo is a cooperative company founded in 1988; it is a company that operates in the sector of territorial development, with particular reference to the issues of cultural heritage and the environment services. It has taken on specialized skills in technological application relating to geographic information systems and eLearning.

Activities for the Polo: Study and research activities for the city and the territory; territorial and environmental analysis and cataloguing of historical and cultural resources; ecological planning of the territory and the city, with particular regard to the issues of sustainable development and the recovery of the identity of places; socio-economic assessment for the historical environment sector; design and management of remote training courses.

Komedia srl

Komedia srl is a company made up of professionals who come from the humanities sectors (archaeology, history of art, architecture), information technology and communication and whath, since the early 90s, have been able to acquire significant experiences in the field of multimedia productions and Information Technology for Cultural Heritage, territory and environment, training.
Activities for the Polo: Design and implementation of coordinated solutions for the tourist-cultural enhancement of museums, monumental complexes, archaeological, historical-artistic areas or areas of particular environmental value; design and implementation of augmented reality and virtual reality applications in the cultural and tourism fields, 3d reconstructions made with the use of data acquired with integrated laser scanning and photogrammetric systems; creation, implementation and management of responsive websites, design and development of products for training, promotion, information and dissemination through digital storytelling techniques; digitization, cataloguing and archiving of book and archival collections; distance learning systems, e-learning courses and multimedia tutorials; design and implementation of information systems for the environment and the territory.


NAOS Lab is an IT consultancy and software management company, specialized in the field of enhancement and use of Cultural Heritage, in the design and implementation of innovative digital strategies and software solutions.

Activities for the Polo: development of management, planning and optimization systems in the design of solutions and services in the field of Cultural Heritage and ICT, design and implementation of innovative software applications, creation of mobile applications and 3D graphics.

ABN Energy & Efficency

ABN Energy & Efficiency is a Low Profit company established in 2011 and activated in 2015, based on the twenty-year experience of the six partners including the ABN Consortium, gained over time in the sector of social cooperation and job placement of the weakest in the segment of renewable energy and energy saving.
Activities for the Polo: Design, technical-economic feasibility, construction and maintenance of plants for the production of electricity from renewable sources, design, technical-economic feasibility, construction and maintenance of integrated systems for the reduction of the energy needs of public lighting, civil / cultural and industrial buildings. Design, technical-economic feasibility, construction and maintenance of biomass plants.