X the Future Lab

Laboratories for enhancement and fruition

  • Laboratory for technologies for conservation and restoration
  • Laboratory for crafts, digital manufacturing and creative industries
  • Multimedia laboratory, virtual and augmented reality

Expected results:

Laboratory for technologies for conservation and restoration • Production of industrial and handicraft nature • Digital reproductions • Preservation of digital memories • Tourism and cultural industry • Immersive systems • Experiential tourism


Innovative system for the investigation and control systems for analysis and monitoring of historic buildings and degradation phenomena, analysis of the construction evolution of historic buildings, systems for energy saving and renewable energies for Cultural Heritage

Enhancement more effective, efficient and sustainable management, conservation and enhancement models, plans and programs for activating cultural and environmental heritage in local contexts.

Fruition: development of technologies for the virtual reconstruction of works of art, archaeological sites, architectural complexes, with related systems for usability through online platforms and mobile devices for difficult to access contexts. Mixed reality systems (vr + ar) as a tool for greater cognitive communication of goods Reproduction and reproducibility of works.