The Polo Cassiodoro was established as a hub of cultural services of the Regione Calabria created to promote highly specialized new public strategies of high social and cultural value, in order to promote the dissemination of culture by promoting knowledge on a local and global scale and, at the same time, with the main objective of triggering a process of social and economic revitalization of the territory and of the productive, commercial and tourist activities that exist inside it.

Through the creation and management of various Laboratories, the Polo offers multiple products and services, ranging from conservation to the cultural heritage fruition: from the development of new technologies for diagnostics and restoration, to the application of innovative technologies, including virtual and experiential technologies, of vision, multimedia, 3D, augmented reality, from the design and implementation of systems for sustainable and “accessible” tourism, to the use of new methods and strategies for saving and energy and environmental efficiency. In this way, the Polo wants to link the sustainable development of places and the collaboration relationship between companies and research into a single integrated concept.