Cassiodoro Lab

The development model is based on the collection and systematization of all the existing documentation and planning heritage already built with the territory. The Hub is the place to bring together all the documentation and territorial planning, where the enhancement model is identified, where it is shared, integrated and implemented with the differentiated offer for the different services offered by the Hub based on:

  • Sharing knowledge of the territory through a dynamic and interactive resource mapping of the tourist vocation and local production of value, in order to make it usable and support for services to the public in the form of directories within a web platform;
  • Creation of a platform (in the form of a web portal) to network companies / actors with the new services proposed by the Polo in order to integrate them with a system of tourist services related to hospitality, with the aim of improving the use of information linked to the territory; improve the adoption of promotion, booking and tourist management systems thanks to the use of digital technologies (wi-fi spots, GPS, beacons, image recognition algorithms, etc.); improve accessibility, security, connectivity and availability of new content through the creation of specific desktop versions and an application for smartphones and tablets with advanced functions for the interpretation of the territory on the move (augmented reality, virtual reality);
  • Creation of specialized training for the different competences of the Polo both for secondary schools, for degree and specialization courses in the reference sector (LMS, online tutorial, webinar);
  • Creation of complex supply chains of territorial enhancement that create synergy between hotel accommodation facilities, Chambers of Commerce, Universities, SMEs in the sector to ensure that the project is integrated and sustainable.