LAB 5. Laboratory for sector policies

The Lab 5 is dedicated to the research and definition of development policies for the tourism sector and the fruition of cultural heritage, through the conduct of strategic analysis, the construction of decision support systems, the proposal of local governance models. It deals with carrying out analyzes aimed at tracing the structural characteristics of the sectors and supply chains that deal with and revolve around the cultural heritage with the aim of designing and mapping its structure, in a macro and micro-analytical perspective, identifying its strengths and weaknesses, the protagonists and trends, in order to offer companies and public and private bodies in the sector, useful information to calibrate strategies, actions for improving services and structures; it is also focused to carry out socio-economic analyzes of development dynamics, forms of organization of cultural resources, local quality productions, food and wine and territorial resources integrated with them, evaluating the processes of innovation, weaknesses, potential development of the sector and object innovations of evaluation.