Our Activities

The Polo Cassiodoro aims to present itself, through the enhancement of the regional cultural and environmental heritage, promoting and developing a series of interventions able to “build” and support the wide Calabrian identity system made up of cultural heritage, landscapes, parks and natural reserves, cultural and creative enterprises, agrarian and handicraft systems, making possible, also through the technological transfer of knowledge, the innovation processes and the integrated use of the territorial heritage and locations.

The Polo will offer multiple products and services, ranging from the conservation to the sustainable use of urban and cultural spaces: from the development of new technologies for diagnostics and restoration, to the application of innovative technologies, including virtual and experiential ones, as vision, multimedia, 3D, augmented reality technologies , to the design and implementation of systems for sustainable and “accessible” tourism and to the use of new methods and strategies for energy and environmental savings and efficiency. In this way, the Polo aims to link in a single integrated concept the sustainable development of places and the relationship between companies and research.

Innovation Laboratory for Companies

Multimedia Laboratory for Tourism and Immersive Virtual Reality

Laboratory for the Survey and Diagnostics of Cultural and Environmental Heritage

Laboratory for the detection and representation of geospatial data

Laboratory for Restoration and Digital Manufacturing

Laboratory for sector policies