About Us

The Polo di Innovazione per la Cultura e il Turismo Cassiodoro has been established on 19 December 2018.

The group of companies involved in the Managing Authority of the Polo, has a wide wealth of skills and boasts and a long series of successful activities in the field of innovation related to the sectors of tourism and cultural heritage.

The Polo Cassiodoro will act as a tool to contribute to the competitiveness of the territory, to support territorial development and to implement a structured network of technical-scientific relationships and collaborations between:

  • enterprises in the cultural heritage and tourism sector;
  • public and private institutions;
  • local authorities and managing bodies of historical, cultural and environmental heritage.

The Polo will also offer shared and coordinated projects for the knowledge based development of all the aspects more directly connected to the Cultural Heritage in terms of conservation, diagnostics, restoration, territorial safety and improvement, in order to strengthen the development policies of the territory.